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Age Related CV or Resume issues - How to avoid age discrimination in IT


From 1 October 2006, in the UK,  there is legal protection against age discrimination.

It is no longer lawful to discriminate on grounds of age.


The demographic of society is changing and the working population as a whole, is getting older. The number of people aged under 50 is set to fall by two per cent by 2016, while the number aged between 50 and 69 is set to increase by 17 per cent. By 2010, 40 per cent of the workforce will be 45 or older.

Better health standards meaning that many people are choosing (or having) to work longer and the Pensions Industry is on it's knees due to poor performance, changing demographics and the Chancellors £100 billion raid on the UK pensions since 1997.


Despite all this, age discrimination is still evident in IT.

Now this is all very well if you're having difficulty getting on in your current job, this might be easier to prove or address.

However, if you're trying to get in to a new job, it may be more difficult to prove or address the problem.


Does your CV make you look too old ?

In order for you not to appear too old, you need to simply stop making it obvious how old you are!

It is more likely that your age will be perceived as a problem at the CV selection stage.


So, the first place for you to start if you think that you are might be subject to age discrimination is your CV. 


There are  steps you can take without blatantly lying on your CV or Resume, try thinking about the following:


Firstly, It is no longer necessary for you to put your age or date-of-birth on a CV or application form, so unless you particularly want to sell your age, take it off.


w Take off the dates of your Education, we all know people did O-levels at 16 and A-levels at 18.


w Only include last 15-20 years experience, perhaps put a comment saying earlier experience available on request.


w Avoid including ageing hobbies/interests such as indoor bowls, bridge or pidgeon breeding. If you have to include hobbies/interests put something like rock-climbing, windsurfing or snowboard intructor.


w Use a modern CV template with modern language, get someone to check it for their opinion.


w Don't bother putting how many children you have along with their ages, especially if they've left school!!


w Try, to ensure your CV reads as a stready climb up the career ladder, you need to be perceived as someone that achieves something with their experience.


w At all costs, avoid divulging anything that might place your age, at least until you get to an interview.


w Try to use use modern language on telephone calls with Agencies or Employers.


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